It has been said that injuries to the brain are the worst because they don't affect just how you function - they actually alter who you are.

Traumatic brain injuries can cause a laundry list of problems, including:

  • Cognitive deficits: Problems with attention, concentration and impulse control
  • Emotional issues: Increased irritability, aggression and lack of emotional self-control
  • Speech and language: Inability to understand, difficulty speaking and slurred speech
  • Sensory function: Inability to properly see, hear or smell, and problems interpreting touch, temperature and movement
  • Neurological problems: Including seizures and bodily movement and balance
  • Physical issues: Inability to sleep, spasticity, loss of bowel and bladder control, chronic pain, and menstrual issues

This is a lot to bear, both for the injured individual, who may never work again, and for the family members, who must now devote significant time and resources to ensure that the victim gets proper care.

Pursuing Compensation And Accountability For Negligence

One option families may have is to file a claim for compensation. Traumatic brain injury, concussions and coma are life-changing conditions. If negligence played a part in the injury, financial recovery may be an option.

Brad Keating of The Keating Firm LTD., serving throughout the Gahanna & Columbus, Ohio areas, has extensive experience dealing with all kinds of catastrophic injuries, including injuries to the brain and nervous system.

The Advantage Of Involving An Attorney

We advise against trying to quickly recover damages on your own. There are numerous reasons to lay down this law. First, you are not likely to stand up to insurance company lawyers, who have a lifetime of experience denying and diminishing claims. Second, the physiology of brain tumors is complex. Symptoms a month after a motor vehicle accident may change dramatically over six months' time. You want a lawyer who can represent this complexity and seek the financial damages necessary to offset this terrible injury.

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