The issue of distracted driving has been a major concern of law enforcement agencies throughout Ohio. They have seen the number of distracted driving accidents grow over the past decade, and these crashes have led to serious injuries for those involved.

If you find yourself injured in an auto accident caused by a distracted driver, it is important that you understand what you must do to protect your claims for compensation. At The Keating Firm LTD. of Columbus, our attorneys are committed to helping you recover the compensation you deserve.

We will work tirelessly to understand your goals with your case, so that we know what is important to you. We will help you get the medical care you need, so that we have a clear view of the costs associated with these treatments. We will stand up for you against aggressive insurance companies, and we are prepared to go to trial if it is in your best interests.

Skilled Assistance With Your Injury Claims

When you work with our firm, you will be working directly with an attorney who has over 10 years of experience helping individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents. We know the issues that often arise in distracted driving cases, and we are prepared to help you hold these motorists responsible for their dangerous behavior. We have seen many activities lead to distracted driving accidents, including:

  • Texting while driving
  • Emailing while driving
  • Talking on a hand-held cellphone while behind the wheel
  • Putting on makeup or eating
  • Surfing the internet on a hand-held phone or in-board dash system
  • Posting on social media

In many of these accidents, information about the distraction is not included in the police report. If the other driver in your case admits to being distracted while behind the wheel, be sure that this information is included in the officer's report. This is important if your case heads to trial.

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