Motorcycle riders know that they need to remain alert anytime they are out on Ohio roads. Many motorists simply do not notice motorcyclists and make maneuvers that force riders to take evasive action. Unfortunately, sometimes motorcyclists are unable to avoid being struck by these other vehicles. If an accident happens, it almost always results in devastating consequences for the biker, ranging from brain injuries to paralysis to loss of life.

At The Keating Firm LTD. in Columbus, Ohio - we have a precise understanding of the issues facing motorcyclists in their motorcycle accident claims. Our lawyers have been handling auto accident claims for decades, including motorcycle accident cases. We will help you demonstrate how the actions of another party caused your injuries.

How We Help With Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

The other motorist involved in your crash will likely try to claim that you were the one responsible for the accident. We will take the time to investigate the scene of your crash and consult any witnesses to learn more about what actually happened.

We will then prepare a claim for compensation against the other party and its insurance company. In many of these cases, insurers will be aggressive when trying to get victims to settle their claims. Since many of these crashes involve life-changing injuries, they hope that victims settle before they understand the true value of the case.

Do not make any decisions before you speak to our attorneys. We will help you determine if this is a fair offer and represent your interests if you decide to move your case forward. Should we be unable to settle on your behalf, we are ready to stand up for you inside the courtroom.

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