You were injured in a car accident, but there was not another vehicle around for miles. Does this mean the accident was your fault? Not necessarily. You may still have a strong claim for compensation. That's why it's so important to speak with an attorney about your situation.

Here are examples of single-car motor vehicle accidents that allow filing a claim for compensation:

Road Problems

You have the right to expect that the road you are driving on will be clear of debris and free of gaping holes or surface problems. Many serious injuries are the result of run-off-the-road (ROR) crashes, caused by potholes, broken glass, spilled gravel, dirt, oil or freight. Who has not swerved to miss a dead animal in the road? Who has not been confused by poor highway design?

Those who are responsible for maintaining the road - usually the county or city - are not liable for every defect. But they are responsible for maintaining the road in a reasonable fashion. If the dead animal or spilled oil lay on the road for days, that is a problem.

Rural roads, because of the unfavorable road-to-taxpayer ratio, are often more likely to be poorly maintained.

Poorly Placed Signs

Signs are supposed to keep you safe. Sometimes a sign is missing, or damaged, or obscured by vegetation. You need a reminder that the bridge ahead may be icy or you are entering an area of very sharp turns. Our firm can seek compensation for insufficient signage that leads to serious injury.

Car Failure

If you are driving and your tire blows out, or your headlights fail, or your car stalls at high speed, the maker of the car or the party responsible for maintaining it may be on the hook for medical expenses you incur. These are called defective product claims. Not every firm is capable of mounting the investigative task of proving fault, but The Keating Firm LTD. has these skills.

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